What Happened Between NFL TE Steven Johnson & Sonya Curry?

Steven Johnson is a retired NFL football payer who played as a tight end for New England Patriots, Virginia Tech, and Patriots. Sonya Curry is romantically linked with Steven Johnson. 

Sonya stresses that her relationship with Steven Johnson was after she filed for divorce from her husband after 33 years of marital life. Currently, Sonya and Steven seem to share a compassionate bond. 

Likewise, Johnson also seems to be a stand-up guy, as he has been involved in philanthropic activities like gifting a million-dollar towards the construction of indoor practice at Virginia Tech. 

Sonya Curry Divorce From Her Husband: What Are The  Cheating Allegations Of The Couple?

Sonya Curry is divorcing her husband due to his cheating allegations against him. She advocated that her husband has cheated on her with multiple women. 

However, Dell Curry also argued that Sonya had been cheating on him with Steven Johnson who seems to be in the middle of the husband and wife animosity. 

Dell states that she is not entitled to alimony, as Sonya was with Johnson in Tennessee when the couple was still married before their legal separations with each other. 

Furthermore, the internet is trying to find the truth about the parents of their favorite basketball player and their divorce separation. 

Steven Johnson NFL TE Wife

Steven Johnson is a former player in NFL who played tight end. Similarly, he seems to have a relationship with the wife of Dell Curry. 

In addition, Sonya and Steven have been rumored to be together before the separation of her marriage with Dell. They seem to share good chemistry with each other. 

Nonetheless, we were unable to find the relationship details of Steven Johnson. Thus, there is no information about his wife or other personal connections.