What Happened Between Olivia Benson and Barba In SVU: Law And Order?

There isn't much hope where Law & Order: SVU Season 23 leaves Captain Olivia Benson and Counselor Rafael Barba, who enter the episode without speaking to one another.

Then, in the episode's final scene, Benson rejoins Barba at Forlini's for one last call before the bar closes. "Unlike the two of us," he says, Delia is in a better place. "You're still clutching this." She tells him that she requested him not to defend Wheatley, and he, in turn, reiterates that he was attempting to protect her, even though she did not order it.

Meanwhile, Benson is still bitter about Barba's representation of Richard Wheatley during his trial for murdering Stabler's wife, and it's fair to assume that things between the two are strained when he takes on a client for the squad.

She wouldn't remain for a drink, even in silence, when she thanked him for it in the middle of the case. "I don't get why you feel more rage at me than you ever let yourself feel towards Stabler," Barba said when she joined him at Forlini's for the episode's final call.

Who Is Olivia Benson Partner? Relationship Explored

Olivia Benson introduced her to Peter Hermann, her husband. The couple married in August 2004 after the Younger star made a special appearance on the show in season 3 in 2002.

Throughout the length of the show, Hermann continued to play Trevor Langan to Hargitay's Olivia Benson, popping in and out as their offscreen romance blossomed.

Olivia Benson and Barba
Olivia Benson and Barba

August was born in June 2006, two years after the couple married. In 2011, they added to their family by adopting Amaya and Andrew within months.

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Olivia Benson Family In Law And Order SVU 

Olivia Benson keeps a low profile in her childhood, but she occasionally spills the beans while soothing victims. Serena, her mother, was an alcoholic English professor who raised her. Serena was emotionally and physically aggressive, partly due to her trauma; Benson was raped.

Are they dating?
Are they dating?

She fled the house after kicking her mother in self-defense. Serena dies in season two's "Taken" after falling down a flight of subway steps, and their relationship remains tense.

In season eight's "Haystack," a woman's curiosity about her lineage leads to her illegally running her DNA through a database. Simon Marsden, her half-brother, has been accused of multiple rapes, and she finds a match in him. Marsden is eventually proven to be innocent, having been framed by a police officer who thought he had raped her younger sister. While his identity is cleared, the legal problems he faces have a lasting impact on his life.

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