What Does /SRS Mean On Tiktok & Twitter? 

/SRS means "serious" on most social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube.

Youtuber Ranboo recently used the /srs term to confirm the persisting rumors about his sexuality.

Ranboo had been giving several hints to his followers and channel subscribers about his sexuality but now has confirmed that they were not just hoaxes.

On April 24, 2022, Ranboo confirmed CIA his Twitter feed that he was gay, os is okay with the use of that term regarding his sexuality or orientation.

He posted a cryptic /srs term on his Twitter and followers were quick to notice his actual hint or shade to the extant rumors.

He has been praised for his efforts and coming out as gay and well-received by his followers for being real and true to himself.

Ranboo Came Out As Gay-Twitter Confirmation

Ranboo confirmed the ongoing speculations about his sexuality on April 24, 2022, after posting a "/SRS" message on his Twitter handle.

His Twitter has 2.7 million followers and thus he admitted his sexuality, coming out as gay and saying that he was ok with the use of that term on him.

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He also posted a short message to his followers thanking them and also accepting him the way he has been for years.

Explore Details On Ranboo's Sexuality

Ranboo stated that he is okay with the use of the label gay to define his sexuality.

He confirmed the extant rumors about his sexuality on April 24, 2022.