Was Lily Tomlin In Cannonball Run?

No, actress Lily Tomlin was not in the Cannonball Run.

The 1981 film based on a car race across the wild is a comedy and action genre movie that many of the viewers remember.

However, Tomlin was not in the movie.

Her IMDb profile doesn't mention the particular movie and the cast list of the film also doesn't contain her name.

From these details, it is pretty clear that the American actress didn't play in that movie.

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Lily Tomlin Plastic Surgery Details

Lily Tomlin has done a few plastic surgeries including a facelift as indicated by her friend, Jane Fonda.

In an interview, when asked about their friendship, Fonda said about meeting Lily before her first facelift.

From this, it is pretty clear that the actress has done face surgery, and the fact that Jane said "the first facelift" indicates that the surgery is not limited to a one-time thing.

Besides her face, no other plastic surgeries are known on the internet since the woman has not really spoken about it in the media.

Lily Tomlin Net Worth In 2022 Is $20 Million

Lily Tomlin has a net worth value of $20 million as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

Wealthy Gorilla also mentions the lady to have the same wealth valuation.

Digging further into her fortune, the majority of her earnings have come from her profession as an actress.

Her other involvements as a comedian, writer, and singer have also made her a pretty good amount of money.

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