Unspoken Rizz TikTok Meaning Explained

People are seen following the trend on social media sites like Instagram,TikTok and Twitter utilizing words in their unique way.

To comprehend what "unspoken rizz" entails, you must first comprehend the definition of "rizz."

Kai Cenat coined the phrase to describe his charm with the women.

There are several types of rizz, according to Cenat's rizz playbook. A defeat is represented by an L, whereas a win is represented by a W.

@amptiktokworrd Unspoken rizz is crazy #amp #kai #BbStyleFearlessly #kaicenat #dukedennis #twitch #viral #duke #rizz #fypシ ♬ By Your Side - Rod Wave

However, "unspoken rizz" is when a man can make a lady swoon without saying anything.

When Duke was able to make a woman laugh through FaceTime with just a hand wave, Cenat labeled him the "master" of silent rizz.

When Cenat performed the same method on a different female, the results were not quite the same.

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What Does Unspoken Rizz Mean In Urban Dictionary?

According to Urban Dictionary, it more broadly refers to a man's ability to impress women.

The word has been around since the summer of 2021.

Kai allegedly coined the phrase to assist his pals in their love life, but it turns out that "rizz" is more complicated than that. There's an entire tier structure to figure out.

@redrosegarden pretty smooth if you ask me @🌸Charlotte🌸 #fyp #unspokenrizz #rizz ♬ original sound - i 🫶🏾 🫵🏾

Kai doesn't provide any precise instructions for improving your "rizzing" skills, but it appears that a lot of it boils down to confidence.

Of course, having too much confidence may be detrimental, but if you know how to strike the right balance, you should be alright.

It's acceptable to concentrate on your "rizz" game if you stay courteous.

Unspoken Rizz Videos Explained

There are tons of reels on Tiktok with the caption upspoken Rizz.

Guys on TikTok are now attempting to imitate the unspoken rizz hand motion, as shown in @valmor.com's video.

@brianodvor, a TikToker, mocked the notion by making it appear as though he was beckoning the whole women's track squad with his finger.

Unspoken rizz isn't only for men, though. Girls were likewise keen to flaunt their wares, as shown in @redrosegarden's TikTok video.

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