Meet Tyrrell Hatton's Girlfriend Emily Braisher

Emily and Tyrell had been together for a long time and married in 2021. Tyrell and his wife were late to their own wedding; thus, their marriage was noteworthy.

They planned their wedding in Asheville, North Carolina, but things didn't go as planned.

"Our driver was an hour late; therefore, we were half an hour late for our ceremony," Hatton explained to the Golf Channel.

Unfortunately, the rain came down heavily after the ceremony, so they had to drive two miles down the road, pull over in a lay-by, and take our wedding photos on the side of the road.

Tyrrell Hatton's Girlfriend Age- How Old Is She?

Emily Braisher is between the ages of 30 and 35 years old. On the other hand, her husband is 30 years old, according to Wikipedia.

Emily is a private individual who prefers to spend time with her family rather than online. As a result, she wishes to keep some information confidential.

Emily is a Buckinghamshire native who recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University.

However, she has since decided to tour the world with Hatton, where the two romantically play golf.

At the 2019 Italian Open, Braisher accidentally knocked Hatton off his game while he was in the middle of his swing. She closed a toilet door, resulting in an amusing dialogue.

Tyrrell Hatton's Girlfriend Career Details

Emily is the author of the popular Wife On Tour blog, where she chronicles her thoughts, feelings, and adventures while traveling with Hatton. It says on the top page that she started the blog to express herself and keep track of her daily activities.

Braisher understands what her family and friends are thinking, and she agrees that the blog should be called wife on tour rather than girlfriend on time, which doesn't ring as well.

The famous wife also talks about the disadvantages of the typical WAG lifestyle. She also uses Instagram to keep her family and friends updated on her travels.

In 2017, she blogged about The Masters and the US Open at Erin Hills. Due to her demanding schedule with Tyrrell, she has difficulty keeping up with the blog.

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