Who Is Towelliee Wife Lulaboo? Are They Still Together?

Towelliee's wife Lulaboo is a fellow Twitch streamer who streams live cooking videos.

As reported by Famouspeopletoday, her actual name is Aracely Garcia and she also has a YouTube channel.

But the date of their marriage and other related details is unknown to the outer public as the man has never really opened up about it.

You can find several pictures of the man with his partner on his Instagram account.

As of today, there is no news of their separation and hence, Towelliee and Lulaboo are still thought to be together.

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What Is Towelliee Net Worth In 2022?

Towelliee's net worth value in 2022 is expected to be around $3- $5 million.

Several sources on the internet mention the man to have multimillion dollars in wealth ranging from a million to $5 million.

However, the official confirmation of his valuation is still pending as no recognized sources have notified his fortune to this date.

So, the mentioned figure is more like an estimated number based on his earnings and other sponsorship deals that he has made throughout the years.

Towelliee Weight Gain: What Happened To Him?

Towelliee's weight gain made many of his viewers curious about his health but he seems to be fine.

One user on Reddit wrote about the streamer looking slim for some time but he looked big again after a few months.

Similarly, other people have also shown concerns regarding his weight gain.

But no specific reason behind it is known to the wider community and it is thought to be a natural process rather than a problem.

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