Trevor Bauer And Rachel Luba Relationship Details

Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba have been rumored to be in a relationship by various media. However, their dating rumors are not true.

As Rachel seems to be a co-agent and longtime friend of Trevor, she does not seem to have a romantic relationship with him. Rachel Luba is a popular personality similar to her friend. 

Rachel is dubbed as Forbes 30 under 30 in the Sports category in the 2021 edition. She is a marketing agent for baseball, also the agent seems to have entered the world of competitive boxing as well. 

Trevor Bauer Girlfriend 2022 

Trevor Bauer does not seem to have disclosed the status of his relationship. It seems that the athlete has been focusing on his career and family rather than building a personal connection. 

Likewise, he might have had a prior relationship but currently, Trevor Bauer has not opened up about his romantic interest in media. Thus, there are prospects for him to surprise the fans with his better-half who is hidden from the media. 

Trevor Bauer Accuser Name Revealed

Trevor Bauer has been accused of sexual assault on Lindsey Hill. Bauer seems to be facing investigation both from the police and the Major league baseball commission.  

Ms. Hill seems to have filed an ex-parte restraining order, against the accuser for alleged domestic violence. However, it was declared to be a misleading petition. 

However, the Dodgers star seems to deny any accusations that the woman has pressed forward. He seems to state that they did have a rough consensual sex but he did not sodomize the woman or performed any violent acts on her. 

The athlete has also filed a defamation and tortious interference lawsuits against the women who he claims to be falsely accused of the sexual allegations.