Travon Walker Rumored Salary As The Possible Number One Pick Of The Draft

According to, the league minimum salary for the rookie is 705K dollars annually. 

However, the amount will drop in the bucket for the players whose names are credited on the draft. The number one pick for the 2022 draft goes to Jacksonville Jaguars, and they will have a signing budget of 41.4 million dollars. 

The exact details about the salary can not be predicted in the future. The amount gradually decreases coming down the list. But, an athlete who gets selected to the San Francisco 49ers will get 3.7 million dollars as a contracted salary.

Although the exact value can not be predicted, according to spotrac Travon Walker is believed to be signing a multi-million dollar contract with one of the NFL teams.

His parents will be thrilled about the draft and want their son to go big in his upcoming career. Could he be the next best thing in the NFL? The answer to the question can be found in his upcoming career.

Travon Walker Parents: How Rich Are They?

Travon Walker's parents belong to a middle-class family hailing from Thomaston, Georgia. 

The athlete's father, Stead Walker, is a former marine. In an interview with FOX 5 Sports, he stated how proud he is of his profession. 

His father is an early riser and still has a trait of his Marine lifestyle. Stead is very proud of his son, and it was hard on him in the initial days of his career. 

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Travon Walker Net Worth: How Much Raise Is The Athlete Expected To Have?

The rookie athlete, Travon, has yet to clarify his net worth publicly.

During his University career, Travon was not paid and played under the scholarship scheme for his team. The defensive end of Georgia Bulldogs grabbed 37 tackles in the 2022 season.

From the impressive 37 tackles, 19 were solo tackles. The athlete is ready to kickstart his professional life after the draft and is expected to get a raise. The average salary of an NFL player is estimated at 800K dollars annually.