What Is Tracey Jacobs Net Worth 2022?

Tracey Jacobs's net worth is $3 million as of 2022, as estimated by Net Worth Post. 

Although Tracey has a fortune herself, she is not seen flaunting her riches on her social media or on the internet. 

She has amassed an impressive net worth with her over three-decade-long career as a talent agent and businesswoman. She is actively representing various actors and actresses in Hollywood including Johnny Depp. 

She joined UTA as a partner in 1998 and was named to the UTA Board of Directors in 2008, making her the first woman to serve on the board of a major talent agency.

However, she has not revealed anything about her actual net worth on the internet or to the media yet, she tries to keep her personal life and riches as far from the general public as possible and lives a rather low-key life despite being one of the best talent agents and managers. 

Johnny Depp Talent Agent Tracey Jacobs Declaration 

Tracey Jacobs's testimony has been shown in court recently by Heard's lawyers. 

Tracey Jacobs, Johnny Depp's former talent agent, said that the actor's star power waned as a result of his poor behavior on set and his rage issues according to Daily Mail. 

Jacobs helped Depp become the world's biggest film star in their 30 years of working together but due to Depp's increasing unprofessional behavior and abuse of drugs and alcohol, he was becoming hard to work with according to the Independent

Johnny Depp Talent Agent Tracey Jacobs Fired Facts 

Johnny Depp sacked Tracey Jacobs after his financial difficulties in 2016.

According to Page Six, Depp and Jacobs parted when Depp became insolvent and couldn't afford UTA and Jacobs' commissions and fees.

Depp joined CAA after leaving Jacobs and UTA, and insiders say he got a better offer there.

According to Page Six, a CAA spokeswoman denied decreasing Depp's commissions and fees and stated the matter was not even brought up when the contract was signed.

Depp and Tracey have made no public statements about their breakup.

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