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Tracy Wolfson Biography

The far-famed American sportscaster is Tracy Wolfson. Presently this gorgeous face is witnessed forecasting sports news on CBS Sports. This talented sports news caster is considered as the important c...Read more

Michelle Kosinski | Biography

Versatile in the field of professionalism and equally potential of turning a small industry into huge one, Michelle Kosinski is one of the most reputed and huge salary earning reporters based in Londo...Read more

Brooke Baldwin | Biography

Brooke Baldwin is a successful American Journalist who currently hosts CNN Newsroom from 2pm to 4pm ET. She was born on July 12, 1979 in USA. At the age of 13 she joined Westminister Schools & there ...Read more

Betty Liu | Bloomberg TV Icon Biography

The gorgeous and exquisite Betty Liu working as a correspondent for Bloomberg Television was born in Hong Kong and later got shift to Philadelphia and passed her childhood with her parents. She is a r...Read more

Fredricka Whitfield | Biography

Currently a news anchor in CNN, Fredricka Whitfield is daughter of Olympian Mal Whitfield. Born on 31 May, 1965, she is based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta.This woman attended Paint Branch Hi...Read more

Hayley McQueen Biography | TV Anchor

The notable TV face of Sky Sports News Hayley McQueen is a versatile TV sports anchor, newsperson and a RTS award achieving producer. She as well presents for football scheduling linked with Sky Sport...Read more

Dave Briggs | Short Biography

Dave Briggs is a television personality of Fox News Channel. He was born on October 11, 1976. He is white and an American by nationality. To build a career in television has always been his aim and th...Read more

Carolyn Manno | Biography

Empowered with the proving capability of the statement “beauty with brains”, Carolyn Manno has emerged out as a star in the sports industry. Presumed to be born in the year 1984, this pretty lady ...Read more

Rob Marciano Biography | CNN

Rob Marciano is an American journalist and Meteorologist. Born on 25th June 1968, Marciano is a news and weather anchor of CNN. The 45 years old has achieved his fame through as a meteorologist and al...Read more

Morgan Pressel | Biography

The gorgeous and vibrant, Morgan Pressel is an American professional golfer well known for her career in the field of golf and the outreaching fascination of her looks and physique. Her charming and c...Read more