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Alexandra Leigh | Biography

A great actress named Alexandra Leigh is an excellent film actress and host of Fox network in America. She was born on 11th December 1988 in Ohio, USA. Her full name is Alexandra Leigh LA force. Her n...Read more

Michael Douglas Biography

Michael Douglas is a greatest producer and actor of America. He was the first child of Kirk Douglas (actor) and Diana Love Dill (actress). He was born on 25th September 1944 at New Brunswick of New Je...Read more

Catherine Zeta Zones | Biography

Regarded as the hottest and glamour personnel in the history of women actress, Catherine Zeta Zones was born on 25 September, 1969 in Swansea, Wales UK. She was born to Dai Jones and Pat zones. She wa...Read more

Joanna Krupa | Biography

Bearing with blonde sight Joanna Krupa is super hero in the history of women actress and modeling. Considered to be a polish American ethnicity, she was born April 23, 1979 in Warsaw, Poland. She was ...Read more

Michael Barone Biography

Born on 1944, Michael D. Barone famed as Michael Barone is one of the brilliant Lawyer, Judgment Novelist and also Historian. He came in to fame after his book The Almanac of American Politics. He als...Read more

Ashley Benson | Biography

A great American model and actress Ashley Victoria Benson was born in December 18 1989. Her father and mother were Jeff Benson and Shannon Harte. She played man films in her whole entire life and was ...Read more

Get To Know Amazing Facts about Spencer Clark from His Height, Sister, Singing and Married Life

Spencer Treat Clark is a 28-year-old American actor from New York who is famed for his acting roles in several Hollywood blockbusters among them; Gladiators and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Let’s get to k...Read more

By: Dana Luica | Famous People | Jun 18 2017

Ruve McDonough: Neal McDonough's wife - Her Bio and other details

Ruve McDonough has been married to Neal McDonough since December 1, 2003. They have five children....Read more

By: Dana Luica | Famous People | Jun 11 2017

Kathie Lee Gifford 7 Quick Facts You Need to Know about Her

Kathie Lee Gifford, also known as Kathryn Lee Gifford is a songwriter, television host, singer, comedian, and actress.  Born on August 16, 1953, Kathie is best known as one of the hosts of WABC-TV ta...Read more