Who Is Patrice Naiambana? -Wikipedia Explored

Patrice is a senior instructor at Mountview Academy's MA Theatre for Community and Education.

His current initiatives include facilitating The Decolonial Salon, a lab space; Perception Gap, a digital performance work on migration and exile; and Fresh Conversations for Diversity in the NHS. For over 25 years, Patrice has been supporting diaspora performance, post-colonial literacy, theatre process, and training.

In 1991, he founded Tribal Soul, a diaspora learning and creating place. His lab facilitation and ensemble work on Shakespeare as a lingua franca and The Gospel of Othello diaspora canon has spanned 11 years in various settings across numerous nations.

He has facilitated residences in many areas of education, including The University of Texas, Roosevelt Academy (Netherlands), Warwick University, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and RADA.

Patrice Naiambana Age - How Old Is He?

Patrice Naimbana is 60 years old as of 2022. He was born in the year 1962.

With so much experience in the business, he has worked on various projects and films over the years.

Professional performing experience with world-renowned practitioners and groups such as Kwame Kwei-Armah, Bijan Sheibani, Marcello Magni, Kathryn Hunter, Steven Berkoff, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Adrian Noble, Film, Television, Radio, and voice-overs has expanded his story-telling vocation.

His solo piece, The Man Who Committed Thought, won the Edinburgh Fringe First Award and toured abroad, facilitating artists and citizens lab creativity for transformational social action.

He uses the story space to put "flesh on silences" while cultivating community collaborations, craft, critical thinking, and leadership abilities. The Accused, Swarte Piet Speaks, Gravediggers, The Sacrifice, and Chapeltown Blues are among his conceptualizations and directing work. The Diasporic imagination's creolization aesthetic and exile heritages are at the heart of his career.

Patrice Naiambana Family Details -Where Is He Actually From?

Patrice Naiambana is a Ghanaian musician. On the other hand, Patrice has lived and studied in a variety of nations, including the United Kingdom, France, Barbados, and Sierra Leone.

In 2012, he received a postgraduate certificate from the University of Birmingham. Patrice's parent's and wife's identities have not been revealed. Hence there is no information about them.

Patrice founded tribal Soul Arts. It creates and organizes story spaces for post-colonial literacy and diversity awareness.

In 2019, Patrice participated in Interactive Story-telling for Diversity Awareness at NHS Mental Health.

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