How Old Is Susanne Sturm? Her Wikipedia And Alter Explored

Susanne Sturm recently lost her husband, who was 90 years old. Talking about her alter, she is much younger than her significant partner.

Susanne Sturm's age details are currently missing at the moment. The famous Journalist has yet to share her age details with the public. 

However, everyone was aware of the age difference between her and her husband. 

We could not find Sturm on Wikipedia, but her husband has one to his name. After her husband's death, the entire focus of the public has shifted to Sturm and her details. But there is just a little information about her on the internet.

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Meet Journalistin Susanne Sturm's Husband Michael Degen

Journalistin Susanne Sturm was married to her husband, Michael Degen.

Unfortunately, the veteran actor passed away on April 9, 2022, at the age of 90. He was a well-known German-Israeli actor and had also directed and acted in theatres.

Degen started his acting career in 1946 and has been active ever since. His contribution to German theatre and movies has been immense. He officially started acting in his film career in 1963 and appeared in numerous television series.

Sturm was Michael's third wife, and they lived together until he passed away recently. 

Following his death, people have been curious about the actor and his family. We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

Who Is Susanne Sturm's Family?

Susanne Sturm lives with her husband and her family in Hamburg. Her husband had four children from previous marriages.


Sturm's husband survived the Holocaust as a child. He was born to Jewish parents, and his dad, Jacob Degen, died in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Until the end of the war, his mother Anna and he hid in an arbor colony.

Further details on their family are missing at the moment. Sturm has a loving relationship with Degen's kids.

We hope to update more information about Susanne Sturm and her family as soon as possible.

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