Who Is Susanna Skaggs? Love & Gelato Actress Wikipedia Bio And Age Explored

Love & Gelato cast Susanna Skaggs ( Source : Instagram )

Susanna Skaggs is an actress and the cast of the romantic television movie Love $ Gelato who arose in a lead role as Lina Emerson. 

Skaggs is an artist realized for arrivals in Love and Gela, Halt and Catch Fire, and The Gifted. She made her guise in the entertainment world in 2017. It has been five years since she made a footmark in the acting department.

Skaggs has appeared as Haley Clark on her first show. She has made her first debut in the television series Halt and Catch Fire. Also, she has arisen in the ten episodes of the series.

Know Susanna Skaggs Biography on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has not featured Skagga's biography on its official page. However, her details are assessable on the IMDb page. The actress is a newcomer in the flick industry. She has made an influence on the new movie as a lead role. 

On June 22, 2022, her new movie got released where she played the main character Lina Emerson. She appeared as a role making a promise to her ill mother that she spend a quality tour this summer before college in Rome. 

While traveling the place, Lina loves the city and gelato. The movie Love and Gelato is a mixture of comedy, drama, and romance directed and written by Brandon Camp. 

Susanna Skaggs on Love & Gelato
Susanna Skaggs on Love & Gelato ( Source : Twitter )

Moreover, Skaggs has worked alongside the actors Tobis De Angelis, Owen McDonnell, Valentina, Saul Nanni, Anjelika, Alex Boniello, Luca Seta, Claudia Stecher, and more. As a newcomer, she has made her position conceded to the audience. 

Skaggs played the first lead role in the movie. Before this, she worked on three other television series in a small sequel. The actress has led a news phase of her life and looking forward to her emerged in a new character and roles. 

Susanna Skaggs Age; How Old Is The Love & Gelato Actress?

Skaggs is currently 20 years old. She was born on September 14, 2001. Perhaps, the actress celebrates her birthday with her friends and family in September. Analyzing Skaggs profile, she has completed her high school education at Apex High School.

Perhaps, Skaggs has been interested in the acting field since her childhood. She stepped onto the acting field as a teenager. Skaggs first made her impression n the television series at age 16. Later, she played in the other three shows. 

In 2018, she appeared in the television series Mr. Mercedes as Grace. She has appeared in two sequences of the show Andale and Let's Go Roaming. In the same year, she emerged in the television show The Gifted. She has played the function of Young Polaris in the sequel The Dream. After three years, the actress played in a television movie as the lead role. 

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Meet Susanna Skaggs On Instagram

Skaggs is active on Instagram under the username @susannaskaggs and has gathered 18.3 k followers as of July 2022. She has shared every moment with her friends and family on her social page. Also, Skaggs seemed to be an outgoing personality. She has shared her travel diaries. 

Netflix reveals trailer with Susanna Skaggs
Netflix reveals trailer with Susanna Skaggs ( Source : Twitter )

On December 14, 2018, the actress shared her childhood memories with her siblings. Recently she has shared about her new movie. She has captioned, ' i can't believe Love & Gelato has been out on Netflix for a week now.' She seemed excited about her new career development. 

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