Sonja Kohn Net Worth

Sonja is a 74 year entrepreneur who lead the banking industry
Sonja is a 74 year entrepreneur who lead the banking industry ( Source : nytimes )

Sonja Kohn has a net worth of $10 million. Sonja Kohn made her money from her profession as a banker.

With the lady coming into the forefront due to her mention in the popular series, the interest in her earnings and career details has skyrocketed. 

Irving H. Picard, the trustee for the assets the court had taken from Bernard Madoff, filed a $19.6 billion lawsuit against Kohn on December 10th, 2010.

Sonja Kohn Net Worth

Sonja Kohn has a net worth of $10 million as a former Austrian banker. Sonja is currenlty the founder of Bestfit.

She introduces herself as a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur. With her experience in technology and financial services as an innovator, her expertise lies in breaking new ground in business development and leveraging digital tools to drive.

Sonja is a the founder at BESTFIT
Sonja is a the founder at BESTFIT ( Source : bloomberg )

For over two decades, she has been actively dealing with the finances of her own company or associating with the government to manage their economics. 

At the age of 74, whatever she has earned through her experience, expertise, hard work, perseverance, and competence in the finance universe.

Sonja Kohn Income Sources

Sonja Kohn has multiple sources of income. Even though she is more committed to her own company for now, her indulgence and investments from the past still give her handsome returns.

This lets her live a life full of luxury; one people can barely only imagine.

1. BestFit

Kohn is the founder of Bestfit and has been working there since 2015. While she was involved in her full-time jobs, she was growing the start-up and gave her heart and soul to it so as to bring it where it is today.

It was definitely not an easy journey, but she pulled it off beautifully. Today, she has left all of it and is completely focused on Bestfit. 

Bestfit is revolutionizing how global brands with billions in sales across insurance, consumer products, human resources, financial services, fashion, IT, and more generate success.

It was the first to integrate HI(TM) (Human Intelligence), AI, and business intelligence. The new Dimension of Data is based on the power of prediction.

Kohn's BESTFIT was accepted as IBM business partner
Kohn's BESTFIT was accepted as IBM business partner ( Source : insurtechisrael )

It is doing quite well for her, making good money through it. Not only herself but her employees are also satisfied with the revenue that is generated by their application on an annual basis. 

2. Advisor

She has been an advisor for the economic and financial benefits of different governments as well as stock markets. From January 2000 to December 2007, she served the Vienna stock exchange.

In her Linkedin, she mentioned the Initiative cooperation government Dubai - Austrian stock exchange and the Initiative cooperation government Shanghai - Austrian stock exchange. 

Sonja was a professional who offered advice on the best investment opportunities after examining not just the performance of assets but also risk tolerance and preferences.

Further, from 2004 to 2009, she worked for The Minister of Economic Affairs of Austria, a direct government body of Austria. Her job there was somewhat similar to what she did for the stock exchange. 

After that, she was almost unavailable for many years; then, she made a comeback to serve the Gibraltar Government. However, last year, she left that as well. 

3. Bank Medici

Austrian bank Bank Medici AG had its headquarters in Vienna. Kohn created it in 1994, and it was officially incorporated as a bank in 2003.

She served as president of Bank Medici and was a substantial shareholder.

The largest banking organization in Austria, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, served as its principal institutional stakeholder. Sonja had 75% of the bank's shares, and Bank Austria held the remaining 25%.

However, Bank Medici lost its banking license in Austria on May 28, 2009. The Bank and Kohn are being looked at.

She left New York with her family and returned to Europe where she founded Medici Finanz
She left New York with her family and returned to Europe where she founded Medici Finanz ( Source : tagesanzeiger )

4. Shares And Investments

The 74-year-old has a lot of shares in her name and has invested in various companies and stock markets. Unfortunately, these are personal to Sonja, and it is not accessible to the media. 

After a few hapless incidents in her life, she chose to remain out of the public eye and let only a little of her life out. 

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