Sodapoppin Girlfriend In 2022: Is He Still Dating Veibae?

Sodapoppin's girlfriend in 2022 is thought to be Veibae as the man is still believed to be dating the virtual streamer.

However, things are not as clear as many of the fans would have liked them to be.

It was around January when Sodapoppin opened up about dating Veibae on his stream.

He defined the relationship as ironic and explained how everything happened ironically.

From purchasing a cheap ring to wearing it all the time, everything seemed to confuse the fans.

Then in a stream in March, the couple had an argument online which many fans believe to be an act.

The woman said about breaking up at that time and no information about them has been reported since then.

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How Much Does Sodapoppin Earns?

Sodapoppin earns a monthly revenue of around $37k and around $460k per year as per Sportskeeda.

The majority of his income comes from his Twitch streams where thousands of his followers watch his live streams regularly.

Besides that, his partnership with other brands and sponsorship deals also make him a pretty good amount of money.

So, the internet personality generates a pretty good amount of income.

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Who Is Sodapoppin Brother D-Kane?

Sodapoppin's brother D-Kane is a music artist as well as a Twitch streamer.

He was introduced to the platform by his sibling and was also seen in several of the streams.

D-Kane is a rapper and came to the highlight in 2019 when he decided to quit his full-time job to join as a regular streamer after reaching 1000 followers on twitch.

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