Singer Bulelani Koyo Passed Away From Hepatitis Cancer

Bulelani Koyo Was A Gospel Singer ( Source : Facebook )

After battling Hepatitis cancer, singer Bulellani Koyo took his last breath today. His demise has saddened everyone, including his friends, family, and fans. 

Despite everyone's effort to help Bulelani Koyo with his treatment and cancer battle, he has succumbed to illness. It has left everyone heartbroken as they mourn his death on social media and pay him tribute. 

Singer Bulelani Koyo Passed Away From Hepatitis Cancer

Bulelani Koyo, a well-known singer, has passed away after his battle with Hepatitis cancer. His colleagues and friends had been asking people for help so that he could get treatment for the illness since June. 

There were asking for donations so that he could get treatment. However, the cost was very high as it would cost R30,000 a month. From donations to organizing concerts for him, his friends had been requesting help since last month. 

The concert was held as a fundraiser for him, who required expensive medication that cost R30,000 per month. The concert's proceeds were said to be used to pay for his medicine. Various gospel artists, choral choruses, jazz musicians, and his coworkers, who are radio personalities, had performed that day.

He was an author, composer, and singer, Bulelani Koyo. Every Sunday from 13:00 to 15:00, he hosted Iikwayala Eziphambili on Umhlobo Wenene.

The most recent record under his name to be released is the gospel CD Enkosi Jehova.

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Who Is Bulelani Koyo Wife?

Bulelani Koyo kept his personal life confidential until his death. However, there are rumors that he was married to Siyasanga Koyo, and it seems they even shared a child together. 

As per the Facebook post from Siya in 2015, they were together and were a family. Koyo is also a singer who joined a cappella trio after she started singing at a church when she was young. 

She developed musically and vocally with the Vocal Blend band, which later produced two albums. Ngoban'aba, the first, was released in 2005, and Gam'elihle followed in 2009, as per Herald Live. 

Bulelani Koyo With His Wife Siyasanga Koyo
Bulelani Koyo With His Wife Siyasanga Koyo ( Source : Facebook )

After traveling the nation with Vocal Blend and presenting multiple performances, she ventured outside of her comfort zone and started collaborating with local and international artists. Likewise, the National Arts Festival, Ebubeleni, Buyel' ekhaya, and the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival are a few of the festivals where she has performed.

She also worked with Bulelani Koyo. While their relationship was not publicized on social media after 2015, some said they may have separated. However, there is no evidence to those claims, but it seems they two had been married. 

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Bulelani Koyo Family Mourns His Death

Bulelani Koyo's family and friends had been trying their best to get help to cover his medical expenses. However, he lost the battle with cancer and passed away. 

Many people have been mourning his death on the internet. In addition, they have been sending condolences to his family. 

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