Meet Simona Halep Parents Tania Halep & Stere Halep

Simona Halep was born on 37th September 1991 to adorable parents, Tania Halep and Stere Halep. 

Her father, Stere Halep, was a retired football player. He was a part of AS Săgeata Stejaru in the Romanian Professional League.

Stere worked as a zootechnics technician after retiring from football. He manages and controls successful milk and dairy factory in his native.

Simona shares a close relationship with her mother, Stere, who always aspired for her daughter to become a prominent tennis player.

She fulfilled her mother's wish and became the best tennis player in Romania. She even fulfilled her mother's win by winning a Grand Slam in 2014.

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Simona Halep Family Background Details 

Simona Halep's family has an Aromanian origin, and her family is from the southern Balkans. 

Her family's racial minority is indigenous to Romania and Moldova. Simona left her home to train in Bucharest at the age of sixteen.

Simona frequently practiced tennis and looked forward to a stellar career in the sport from the age of six. 

She obtained tennis tuition from her first coach, Stan, and plenty of others, who urged her to play in domestic and international events.

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Does Simona Halep Have Any Siblings?

Simona Halep grew up with her two siblings. Her elder brother's name is Nicolae, and her sister's name is Luminita Halep. 

Nicolae Halep is a Romanian man who came to popularity for his connection with famous tennis player Simona Halep.

He is 36 years old and is Simona's primary motivator in her tennis career. Nicolae regularly visits the tennis court to watch her sister play. 

Nicolae played tennis as a child but did not go on to be a professional tennis player. Luminita, her sister, has kept her information hidden.