Henzi Andalas Wikipedia Details

Henzi Andalas is best known for movies like Setem,Suatu Ketika and Baik Punya Ah Long.

The actor has captivated his audiences with his immense talent and role in the movie Showtime 1958, directed and written by Anwardi Jamil.

The movie revolves around behind true story of the iconic Selamat Hari Raya song written in 1958 by P. Ramlee and Jamil Sulong during a variety show that they had organized to collect funds for fellow performers and friends who had lost their jobs at the studio.

Showtime 1958 movie, in which the actor plays a prominent role, is streaming on-air from June 2022 on Netflix. 

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Henzi Andalas Net Worth In 2022: Is He Rich?

According to various sites, Henzi's net worth ranges from $1 million to $3 million. However, the actor has not revealed his source of income to the media.

Henzi's primary source of income is his acting career and his magic shows.

On surfing his Instagram, we can say the actor is living a lavish life.

According to Eri's site, The average salary range for an Actor is between MYR 80,622 and MYR 112,789 a year and MYR 54 an hour in Malaysia.

Meet Henzi Andalas On Instagram

Henzi Andalas has a decent following on his Instagram account, where he posts the promotion of his movie and his martial art skills.

The actor has 3857 followers o his Instagram account @mistermindahenziandalas and 3218 posts.

On surfing his Instagram, we explored the actor's certified black belt in Taekwando.

Where Is Henzi Andalas From? 

According to various sources, Hanzi is from Malaysia. Thus, his nationality is Malaysian.

Unfortunately, the actor has not revealed his birthplace to the media.

Other than acting, the actor is a rapper, extreme mentalist, martial artist stunt actor, and escape artist.

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