A Vtuber, Selen's past life with Nijisanji En was full of the blast. While streaming for the group, she portrayed some cool skill sets with her mouse and keyboard.

The audition for the new English branch in Nijisanji En was announced in 2020. Selen participated in the audition and got her part on the famous Youtube Channel for streaming.

Selen was the last of the group to debut, and her stream featured an animated introductory video with remarkable audio production. Since 2021, Selen has seen a high rise on her YouTube Channel.

In December, she took part in the Apex Legend tournament, hosted by Disguised Toast. Her team received an overall ranking of 2nd and was just inches away from the first position.

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The Apex Legend Streamer Selen Tatsuki Real Name And Face Reveal 

The famous streamer Selen Tatsuki has decided not to disclose her exact name and is using her game name.

On top of that, she has not revealed her face either. She always uses an avatar in her stream to avoid revealing her face. The chatbox of the streamer is full of face, and name reveal queries. 

However, the streamer has ignored the question. Many streamers reveal their identity once they are stable and comfortable in front of the camera. Selen might reveal her details in the future. Till then, it is unwise to predict any details about the streamer.

Exquistive Streamer Selen Tatsuki Age Disclosed 

At the moment, Selen prefers to keep her age facts up to herself, just like other details.

According to the Vtuber wiki, Selen celebrates her birthday on the 30th of November. 

She started her career on Youtube in 2021 when she opened her channel for streaming. She currently has more than 19 million views in such a short period. 

According to astrology, Selen's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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Read Selen Tatsuki Wikipedia Details 

Presently, Selen Tatsuki's name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia.

The streamer was hooked up with playing games. In 2021, Selen decided to audition for the English Youtube Channel Ninjisanji En. Since then, she has received global recognization in the gaming industry.

Selen is also found on Instagram with the username @tatsuki.selen. However, there is no official confirmation whether it is her Instagram page or not. She can be found on Twitter officially with the username @Selen_Tatsuki.

The streamer cosplay pictures often go viral. Her fans are eager to watch her in the cosplay costume.