Scott Pelley Illness And Health Problems

In the previous encounters, Pelley has revealed that he has PTSD. PTSD's full form is Post Trauma Stress Disorder, as the name suggests this is a mental illness that is triggered by some horrific events.

For Pelley, he said that the trigger was 9/11. It was much later he realized that he was so affected by the event when he started to visit for mental help. There is no doubt that the 9/11 attack was the most horrific incident in American history.

Besides that, it has been reported that he also has anxiety and depression. All this might be because of stress and the horrible incident he witnesses daily as a journalist. People have always shown their support for him.

There are no updates about his mental health state, so it is hard to be certain about how to resolve it has been. No matter what he has managed to continue his job to inform people.

Why Does 60 Minutes Host Look So Sick? - Scott Pelley Health

Many people have noticed that Scott seems to be sick in his recent interview with Zelensky. However, there are no reports of him being sick besides his previous mental health issues.

It is possible that he is still tackling PTSD and that was the reason he appeared to be sick. Nonetheless, the most likely reason is that he was in a war zone which was similar to 9/11. That must have been difficult for him.

His interview with Zelensky has been seen with great importance by the world because this gave insight to the people on the brain of a fearless president who did not run from the country even after having a threat to his life.

People can see Zelensky talking about human freedom and the threat the Russian invasion poses to not only Ukraine but the world.