Sabrina Ionescu Parents: Who Are They?

Sabrina Ionescu is the daughter of Liliana Blaj and Dan Ionescu.

Sabrina initially took up a basketball when she was about three years old.

Edward ("Eddy"), her twin brother, was born 18 minutes after her.

Eddy attended City College of San Francisco before moving to Oregon, where he was an alone student throughout the 2018–19 school year until walking on to the men's basketball team in 2019–20.

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Where Are Liliana Blaj And Dan Ionescu From?

Dan Ionescu, her father, escaped communist Romania after the 1989 revolution in search of political asylum in the United States.

He thought that his then-wife Liliana Blaj and their son Andrei would be able to join them in a few months, but they did not arrive in the United States until 1995.

Dan had established a limousine service in Northern California by that time, where he had chosen to stay because he had several extended family members.

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Sabrina Ionescu's Family Background Explored

Ionescu was born to Romanian-American parents in Walnut Creek, California.

However, things did not go as per plan for Dan. His son and wife were unable to relocate to the United States until 1995. For over six years, the family was separated.

Ionescu went to a middle school where there weren't enough female baseball players to constitute a team. She thought about playing with the lads, but her school said no.

The school informed her that she should be playing with dolls. She recalls gathering enough females to form a team for her school as a response.

She received the USA Today Girls Basketball Player of the Year award. Sabrina was also named Player of the Year by Max Preps.

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