Ryan Upchurch Arrested: What Are His Accusations?

The rumor of Ryan Upchurch being arrested has been found true. 

The department of police arrested the rapper while he was filming a video for his project.

In November, Ryan put a video live on his Instagram using an assault rifle to shoot several rounds into Jacob Aaron LeVellie's work.

The rapper destroyed some of the expensive canvases. According to the lawsuits, Ryan has been charged with the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 for destroying two paintings.

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Who Is Ryan Upchurch Ex Girlfriend?

Ryan Upchurch's ex-girlfriend is Taylor Eileen Smith. The couple had started dating in 2020, while she had already given birth to her daughter.

However, Ryan evermore started spending time with his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter. Later in August of the same year, the couple announced their engagement. 

Now, the couple is not dating each other. Taylor even addressed netizens on her Instagram that "don't ask anything about Ryan."

Ryan was previously engaged to Brianna Vanvleet, while the couple started dating in 2015. In 2016, Ryan expressed his feeling about marrying Brianna through a tweet but couldn't hold on to the promise.

According to his Instagram, he is dating a girl whose name has not been revealed. He posted a picture of their candle night date.

Insights On Ryan Upchurch's Net Worth 

The singer and rapper Ryan Upchurch has yet to mention his net worth in the media.

Although the rapper flaunts their green money, Ryan seems to be different. Besides that, he earns a big paycheque from his music video and sponsorship deals.

Ryan Upchurch on the set of his music video carrying a gun.
Ryan Upchurch on the set of his music video carrying a gun.

The average standard salary of a rapper based in the US is estimated at 18K to 141K dollars annually. A rapper of his caliber is believed to be getting paid a high tier of salary.

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Ryan Upchurch Snapchat Photos: Where Is He Now?

Ryan Upchurch's photos on Snapchat were viral after his arrest. Many people shared the memes on different social media platforms.

In Cheatham County, Tennessee, singer Ryan Upchurch was served with an order of protection, making the information public. At the moment, he is keeping himself away from the media attention.