Does Rory McIlroy Have A Son? Meet His Daughter Poppy Kennedy

Rory McIlroy does not have a son; instead, he has a cute daughter named Poppy Kennedy.

In 2015, Rory began dating Erica Stoll, a former PGA of America employee. In April 2017, they were married at Ashford Castle in Cong, County Mayo.

The pair kept the pregnancy a secret until a week before Poppy's birth, when they announced it at the 2020 BMW Championship. People wondered if the name was inspired by anything in particular, which McIlroy addressed at the time.

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Has Rory McIlroy Revealed His Daughter Age?

According to Rory McIlroy's Instagram post that he made on September 3, 2020, it is known that his daughter Poppy Kennedy was born on August 31, which makes her age around one year and eight months as of today.

Rory has just posted one picture of her daughter on Instagram. On the other hand, we can see Poppy's photos on several sites on the internet.

Erica McIlroy has her own Instagram account under the handle @egm290. She has kept her account private, but she has posted 205 posts that might include the images of her daughter.

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