What Religion Does Romesh Ranganathan Follow? Details About The Actor's Family

Meet The English comedian Romesh Ranganathan ( Source : Independent )

Is Romesh Ranganathan Hindu? Here's what we know about the English actor known for his deadpan and self-deprecating comedy.

He has appeared in various television comedy panel shows and co-presented It's Not Rocket Science with Rachel Riley and Ben Miller on ITV in 2016. He is a regular panelist on The Museum of Curiosity, The Apprentice You're Fired!, and Play to the Whistle.

The actor replaced regular panelist Jack Whitehall in A League of Their Own in 2018. He has completed his important tours and performed Irregular life in large venues in 2016. He replaced Anne Robinson as host and hosted the revival of The Weakest Link in December 2021.

Romesh Ranganathan Religion - Is The Actor Hindu?

Romesh came from the Hindu religion, but he seems to have faith in Islam as he tweets on his Twitter account. He was raised Hindu and is a vegan and was vegetarian till 2013.

Furthermore, he has been vocal about his dislike towards the Muslim family who threatens the religious nature of Xmas when his kids distract during prayer to Santa in a tweet.

Ranganathan learned mathematics at Birkbeck College, University of London, and he tutored mathematics at Hazelwick School in Crawley, and The Beacon School, Banstead, Surrey. He was the freestyle rapper at the name Range, who reached one time at the finals of the UK freestyle. competition.

Romesh Ranganathan at the Eventim Apollo
Romesh Ranganathan at the Eventim Apollo ( Source : Standard )

He started accomplishing as a comedian who worked as a teacher and suffered from an eye infection when he was a child. He suffered from right-sided ptosis, which is sometimes called a lazy eye.

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Romesh Ranganathan and His Family Live In The UK

Romesh has an adorable family who loves and cares for him. He is the son of the father Ranga and mother, Sivashanthini Shanthi Ranganathan. 

Romesh Ranganathan with his mom
Romesh Ranganathan with his mom ( Source : Instagram )

His mother is available on Instagarm with the handle @shanthyranganathan. She has gained a massive 12 thousand followers and two hundred following back with 50 posts. She has posted photos with her husband and son.

Ranganathan's family details remain hidden, and he has not shared his family information in the public eye.

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Romesh Ranganathan's Wife Details 

Romesh has married his long-term girlfriend, Leesa. She is 43 years and was born in 1979. She is a drama teacher who met Ranganathan while she has worked in the entertainment business as a comedian.

The couple has been living happily together and got blessed with three children with Romesh, called Theo, Alex, and Charlie. However, she is a quiet man who loves to keep his personal life mysterious.

Romesh with his wife Lessa
Romesh with his wife Lessa ( Source : Telegraph )

He is available on Instagram with the handle @romeshranga. He has gained 776 thousand followers and one thousand followers with 801 posts. The actor has posted his daily activities on it.

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