Does Rick Scott Have A Son? Meet His Daughters- Their Age Gap Explored

Rick Scott doesn't have a son, as he never conceive one with his wife, but he did have 2 daughters from his wife. 

Rick Holland and Frances Annette Holland have two daughters, Jordan and Allison.

Scott married Frances Annette Holland, his high school sweetheart, in 1972.

When the pair decided to marry, they were both 20 years old.

As of today, the couple has never allowed their children to be pampered by the politician celebrity.

They have reared their children in seclusion, and few facts about their personal lives have been revealed to the public.

Rick, on the other hand, has been silent regarding the age gap between his two children.

Jordon Scott and Allison Scott have been two great sisters and have always been by the side of their parents. 

Talking about Jordon, she is a 44 years old British Filmmaker and photographer. 

But as of now, Allison has not talked about her age in the media for now, but we do know that Jordan is elder than Allison. 

So for now, it is hard to talk about their age gap, as the difference can be from many years to a small number also. 

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Rick Scott Children Education Details 

Rick Scott's two daughters have been blessed with the fortune of receiving a very good education. 

This education has led them to have a very blissful life, which shows that the children have expertise in their fields. 

Jordan is a British filmmaker and photographer. 

She has also directed some feature films like Cracks, All The Invisible Children, Portrait, and Never Never. 

She has also directed commercials for Prada, Nike, Amazon, and Land Rover. 

Talking about Jordon's sister, she is smart with a Ph.D. in Philosophy. 

For now, she is working as the CEO of the Kapoor Foundation.

Her education is deeply discussed on her LinkedIn profile, which shows her becoming the smart one in the family. 

She has completed her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Education. 

Both the daughter of the politician Rick Scott have a very stable life and are married to the man they love. Rich is also the grandparent to his 6 grandsons altogether. 

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