Fans Are Sad After Knowing About Keith Ape Disease

According to his Instagram post, Keith Ape suffered from a serious disease and has less than six months to live. 

Keith uploaded a picture of himself in what looks to be a hospital bed with an IV. The attached caption claims that doctors have told him he has three to six months. 

Although it is unknown whether Keith is serious about his health condition, his supporters have already started to voice their opinions and make their assumptions. 

The rapper's diagnosis is not revealed in the Instagram caption, but it indicates that he is now concerned with producing as many songs as possible.

Keith Ape Health Update Details

Keith Ape hasn't shared further health updates after sharing an emotional Instagram post on May 19, 2021. 

Ape asked people to talk about his songs rather than just his health in response to positive comments on the post, adding, 'that's all I care bout rn.'

His songs include a viral "(It G Ma)," which made him a worldwide sensation and garnered him the nickname "Korean trap lord."

The polarizing track rocketed him to international fame, bringing him in the New York Times and positioning him as a hip-hop hero.

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What Happened To Keith Ape?

Keith Ape revealed that he had only three to six months to live due to serious health problems. 

However, the South Korean rapper didn't disclose further about his health and wished to make more songs as possible.

After his Instagram post, Keith became an overnight media sensation featuring in major national and international news portals with a huge Bio. 

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Follow Keith Ape On Instagram

Keith Ape is active on Instagram. The South Korean underground rapper goes by the username @chrt_keithape

He has a verified public account with eight posts and 278k followers. Keith primarily uploads about his upcoming songs and tours.