Below Deck Season 10 Has A New Guest, Who Is Peng Lim From The Accounting Factor?

Peng Lim is a businessman and an accountant who has joined the sets of a reality television show.
Peng Lim is a businessman and an accountant who has joined the sets of a reality television show.( Source : instagram )

Peng Lim from The Accounting Factor is the new guest on Bravo TV's Below Deck Season 10. Peng established his own business. 

He is a businessman who loves to live a luxurious life, and Below Deck is exactly the show for him. Below Deck will showcase the lives of the crew members while on a luxury yacht during a charter season.

The crew members are responsible for managing all the demands of the guests, no matter how crazy the demands get. Crew members must juggle their own lives while caring for their guests.

The show is full of entertainment, and it is fun to watch for the viewers. We will see a lot more of Peng Ling in the new reality television show, and we will also get to know him better from the show.

Peng Lim Was Previously On Accounting Factor

Peng Lim on Below Deck started his company, The Accounting Factor, as a tax preparation business.

He worked for a significant CPA firm before starting that company, followed by the launch of his first accounting company.

Peng Lim appears to enjoy his time on the yacht among his crew mates.
Peng Lim appears to enjoy his time on the yacht among his crew mates. ( Source : instagram )

After selling it, he started his most recent firm. According to his LinkedIn page, Peng attended the University of Utah for his studies. His current accounting firm prioritizes client satisfaction, accuracy, efficiency, and reasonable pricing.

Peng loves to party and hang out with his many pals, as seen by his Instagram account. He enjoys drinking premium drinks, purchasing expensive attire, and taking lavish vacations. He has traveled extensively both domestically and abroad.

Lim is originally from Utah's Salt Lake City. On Below Deck season 10, Peng's birthday party grew rowdier than what was depicted on television. Men and women both donned playboy rabbit costumes at one time.

If it wasn't obvious from the performance, Peng Lim also enjoys dancing. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is another show he loves a lot. The first season of Below Deck Adventure features Heather, one of the housewives from the television series, as a charter guest.

5 Facts About Peng Lim

  1. Peng Lim appears to be in his thirties at the moment and he still looks very young. Even though he has kept his age a secret, judging from his pictures, he appears to be somewhere in his thirties.
  2. Lim is a very successful businessman and an accountant who founded and runs the tax preparation company The Accounting Factor.
  3. Peng started his career as an intern at a CPA firm working in the tax industry in 1999. His career soon took off after that and eventually founded his own company after gaining years of experience in the field.
  4. Judging by his lifestyle, Peng loves to live a lavish lifestyle and he is capable of funding it. So it is no doubt that Peng makes a hefty sum of money throughout his career.
  5. Peng has joined the sets of a new television show called Below Deck for its 10th season. The show is a BravoTV original, and he is a guest on the deck served by several other cast members.

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