Oli McBurine Assault Video On Twitter: Is He Arrested For Kicking Fan?

Oli Mcburine assaulted a young fan by kicking him in the face. The 21-year-old fan was involved in the invasion of the football pitch after Nottingham the championship Playoff between Nottingham and Sheffield FC.

This matter seems to be investigated, the player also indicates the 21-year-old was citing insults to the club and player. Likewise, Sheffield also engaged in the investigation. 

Likewise, the motive behind his kicking is unclear, McBurine did not play in the game as he was injured in the foot while playing for the Schotland International game. 

Moreover, fans are divided over the actions of the player, the internet is buzzing about the pitch invasion, and the actions of the fans who were also responsible for hurting another start athlete of Sheffield. 

Oli McBurine Wife

Information about his current partner has not been revealed, but it does seem that she is together with him for more than a year. She seems to be smaller compared to the 6ft 2-inch football star. 

Likewise, the couple seems to share good chemistry and trust, also Oli has revealed that he has been the happiest in his life, and they are likely to take their relationship next level. 

Updates shall arrive, should the football player update information about his current partner. They seem to be extremely close as they close celebrated their Christmas party together with family and friends. 

Oli McBurine Net Worth 2022: How Much Are His Earnings?

Oli Mcburine is worth around 5 million pounds. His per week income is 22 thousand pounds. Also, his contract with Sheffield shall expire by June 30, 2023. 

The football fans are appealing to the athlete to improve his game, should he not impress the fans and the executives of the Sheffield with his game, he is likely to lessen his financial value in the club.