Arrested: Who Is Officer Edsaul Mendoza? 

Edsaul Mendoza was a Philadelphia police officer and a part of four plainclothes officers in the firearm theft investigation of Thomas Siderio and his friend NK.

NK and Siderio were connected partially with the firearm theft that Edsaul and his team were primarily investigating.

When NK and Thomas fleed the scene, Edsaul pursued them and fired three shots at Thomas.

Thomas's weapon or firearm was already absent and deployed 12 meters away from the crime site.

Even though he knew that Thomas was just 12, had no firearm to hurt him, and could be easily arrested, Edsaul Mendoza took a fatal third shot at Thomas that struck him through his back and killed him.

Edsaul was immediately fired by his Philadelphia department for his violation of the use of police force and he was arrested for first degree murder of a minor.

Officer Edsaul Mendoza Arrested As Thomas Siderio Shot To Death

Officer Edsaul Mendoza from Philadelphia Police Department has been arrested on Sunday, May 1, 2022, for his brutal shooting of 12 years old Thomas Siderio during a foot chase.

Thomas Siderio and his friend NK were being questioned for their involvement in an alleged firearm theft case when a deviating shot was fired and the boys fled the scene.

Edsaul chased Thomas and fired three shots at him, the third one being lethal.

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Officer Edsaul Mendoza's Wife And Family Details Surfed

Not much has been shared about 26 years old former Philly officer Edsaul Mendoza and his family details to maintain some privacy in this delicate case.

Edsaul has been arrested, fired from his police job, and will soon face a court verdict for his indicted crime.