Obituary: NJ Man David Baum Death By Accident

NJ man David Baum was dead in the multi-vehicle car accident that happened on May 19, 2022. 

Baum was traveling on the eastbound side of the highway when he was hit by the Volvo tractor-Trailer, causing a chain-reaction crash. 

According to eyesight, Baum's tesla car hit Toyota Venza, which pushed the vehicle and met Hyundai that struck a Dodge Ram on a busy street at milepost9. 

The New Jersey police Charles Merchan confirmed that David was dead on the spot while the Hyundai was quickly taken to hospital for treatment.

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What Happened To David Baum?

David Baum died in a fatal accident that included a chain-reaction crash with a Volvo tractor-Trailer. 

New Jersey police Trooper Charles Marchan reported to news portals that they had already started an investigation to find the cause of the accidents.

The Hyundai driver who was seriously injured was taken to University Hospital Trauma Center in Newark, while minors were transferred to local hospitals via ambulance.

Summit Police Department and Summit Volunteer, First Aid Squad, helped the Summit Fire Department minimize the fire that destroyed the vehicle.

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Who Are David Baum Family?

As of now, No David Baum family members have appeared in the media. Therefore, it's difficult to identify her family.

David's body was dispatched from the accident spot and was taken to the police station. The body will be handed over to his family. 

Many people have sent their condolences after the news of the accidents got aired on national television with big headlines. 

The police officials also requested that all public drivers be safe and slow so that accidents can be prevented from happening.