Stacey Milbern Was Not Married

Stacey Milbern didn't have a husband as she was never married throughout her lifetime.

She started working for discriminated and disabled people from a  pretty young age.

Stacey was already fighting for her rights on the streets during her teenage years.

The lady dedicated her whole life to the betterment of the people and maintaining an equal system in the community.

So, in her journey towards equality, she probably didn't find someone willing to hold her hand and march forward.

Thus, Milbern remained unmarried till her last day and didn't have any known love relationships.

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Google Doodle Tribute To Stacey Milbern

A Google doodle is dedicated to Stacey Milbern on the 19th of May to pay tribute to her legacy.

The whole world recognizes her efforts to bring a good environment to society and will always remember her contributions.

To honor such incredible and revolutionary actions, Google dedicated a special doodle to her on her birthday on Thursday, which is also her second death anniversary.

She passed away on her 33rd birthday in 2020.

Who Are Stacey Milbern Parents?

Stacey Milbern was born to her parents, Joel and Jean Milbern.

Her father, Joel, is of a white background whereas her mother, Jean, is of Korean background.

Joel was in the United States Army when he was posted to a camp in Korea where he met Jean.

Born in a military family, Stacey grew up in Fort Bragg of North Carolina as disclosed in her Wikipedia bio page.

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