No, Sam Horfield Doesn't Yet Have A Wife But Is He Married Soon?

Sam Horfield does not seem to have a wife as he is not married. His relationship details are still a mystery, but the handsome British seem to have plenty of admirers of his game and glamour. 

He does seem to post pictures on Instagram with multiple people. Thus, there are also possibilities for him to have completely hidden his love life from the media. 

Horfield is a talented athlete who seems to primarily focus on his career and achieve significant goals through his efforts and determination. 

Sam Horfield Relationship Explored

Sam Horfield has been a gentleman about his relationship as he does not seem to advocate much about his personal life. It is likely that he had a girlfriend during his studies at the University of Florida. 

Sam does seem to have a good bond with Katelin, a fellow golfer. Their relationship is unclear as she seems to state her as her boyfriend, but he does not seem to have posted anything about her love life.

Consequently, there are possibilities of their breakup or the couple never dated and has remained friends the entire time. 

Moreover, Sam does not seem to disclose his personal innuendos. He seems to be a family man who is quite devoted to his family and spends quality time with his people. 

Sam Horfield Career Details

Sam has remarkable achievements in the short span of his career. Thus, through his effort and determination, there are possibilities for the athlete to reach new heights in his professional path. 

Likewise, he was runner-up in the 2016 Western Amateur competition. He turned professional by May 2017. Also, he placed 4th in ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth and attained 2nd position in Tshwane Open. 

Similarly, he placed 5th in the Sky Sports British Masters, and his significant victory was in Hero Open when he attained first place against his opponent Thomas Detry. 

Furthermore, he won his second Tour at Celtics Classics in Wales, England, where he led with two strokes against his opponent Detry who was the runner-up of the European tour.