Fox News: No, Bret Baier Never Had Any Plastic Surgery

Bret Baier has never been admitted or confirmed getting surgery. There's also no confirmation that he has undergone cosmetic surgery.

He is engulfed by rumors of plastic surgery as a well-known host. However, Bret might have undergone plastic surgery due to a change in his facial appearance.


Many others wonder how he succeeded in preserving his youthfulness in his early 50s. As a result, many people guessed that he might have undergone plastic surgery. 

On August 4, 1970, Bret was born in Rumson, New Jersey. Bret was raised Catholic and attended Marist School, a renowned Roman Catholic secondary school in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1988.

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What Happened To Bret Baier Eyes?

Bret Bair's host eyes are completely fine. Viewers might have felt the changes in his eye, which might be due to plastic surgery.

He appears to be younger than before. This could be the outcome of surgery or makeup products intended to establish him look professional in public.

Apart from that, Bret's recent physical changes could be the root of his anxiety about his son's health. As per the reports, his son had over-heart surgery.

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Where Is The Host This Week?

Bret Bair will appear on Fox's Special Report' covering the 2022 midterm elections and taking Trump's endorsement power to the test. 

Bair recently signed a contract with fox news. After his multi-year agreement with Fox News was renewed, Bret Baier will stay as the host and executive editor of Special Report.

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Follow Bret Baier On Instagram

Bret Bair stays up to date on major social media platforms. He goes by the username @bretbaier on Instagram.

He has a verified account and mostly shares video clips from his news. Besides, he also uploads pictures with his family.