Who Was Mychal Givens Wife? 

Tiffany Givens was Mychal Givens' wife. She was also Mychal's long-time girlfriend.

They married in 2014, yet there is no information about it on the internet.

The couple has two lovely girls, but they have stayed out of the spotlight and kept their daughter's information hidden.

In 2020, Mychal and Tiffany chose to divorce due to significant allegations and concerns.

Mychal Givens Divorce Reason Explained

Mychal Givens' estranged wife alleges her husband has beaten her and made her life "a living hell" for the previous 15 months in 2020.

On the other hand, Mychal believes that the allegations are untrue and has categorically refuted them.

Tiffani detailed many of the charges in many Facebook posts, claiming that cops have been summoned to her home in Tampa, FL, four times since March 2019 for domestic confrontations.

There were no criminal charges because it was a civil matter between the two. "He continues to be emotionally and mentally abusive to me and doing all of this today IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN," Tiffani wrote of the event.

Is Mychal Givens Dating Anyone In 2022?

Mychal Givens has not been linked to anyone as of 2022. He is a highly private person who avoids revealing personal details in public.

Mychal Givens is more concerned with his games and matches than with dating. Givens signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Cubs on March 23, 2022.

Givens established the Givens Back Foundation in early 2020, a charitable organization dedicated to giving access to sports, unique experiences through sports, and the teaching of life lessons outside of the classroom to individuals in need.

Each year, the Givens Back Foundation sponsors several charitable activities, including Thanksgiving turkey drives, Christmas festivities to assist those in need, and the Foundation's annual "Blitzball" tournament.

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