Meet Michaela Onyenwere Parents Edith And Peter Onyenwere

Edith and Peter Onyenwere are the parents of basketball player Michela Onyenwere.

The whole Onyenwere family was unfamiliar with the college application procedure. Onyenwere was a late bloomer, as neither her mother nor father participated in college sports, and she began playing basketball at the age of 11.

Edith, Onyenwere's mother, organized the letters she received, and her college advisor assisted her in making lists to narrow down her options.

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Edith And Peter Onyenwere Age Gap Explored

Edith and Peter Onyenwere's birth dates have not been revealed yet on the web.

We do not know how much of an age gap there is between Michaela's father and mother.

On the other hand, Edith and Peter Onyenwere's daughter, Michaela Onyenwere, is 22 years old.

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Edith And Peter Onyenwere Children

As per, Zach, Patrick, U.K., Jordan, and Michaela Onyenwere are the children of Edith and Peter Onyenwere.

Edith and Peter Onyenwere are her parents, and she has one younger brother, the U.K., and three older brothers, Zach, Patrick, and Jordan.

Michaela was awarded the 2021 WNBA Rookie of the Year after winning every Rookie of the Month award and becoming only the sixth player in WNBA history to sweep the accolades within a season.

Michaela joined the Catalan team Uni Girona CB of the Spanish Liga Femenina de Baloncesto in December 2021.

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