Who Is Michael Provost? Actor's Wikipedia Biography And Girlfriend

Actor Michael Provost photoshoot ( Source : Instagram )

Michael Provost is an actor and the cast of Fear Street: Part Two. He made his guise in the entertainment world at age 13. 

Provost is an entertainer realized for arrival in Insatiable, #Realityhigh, Shameless, and Chance. Also, he began his acting career in 2011 in the short movie Anonymous as Boy Prodigy. The artist emerged in the short film Rose as a producer in 2021. 

Moreover, Provost has made his impression in the movie Fear Street: Part Two-1978 as Kurt. Before that, he emerged in Plan B, Most Guys Are Losers, All Rise, and Saving Zoe. 

Michael Provost Biography On Wikipedia 

Wikipedia has not featured the Provost's biography on its official page. However, the artist information is assessable on the IMDb Page. He has made influenced the entertainment world since 2011. Also, he has taken his step as a producer.

 In 2011, Provost stepped into a short movie. Afterward, he got a role in the television series named Reed Between the Lines as Boyd in the sequence Let's Talk About Fast Girls. After two years, he materialized in the short film Columbus. 

Michael Provost heading for the road trip
Michael Provost heading for the road trip ( Source : Instagram )

In 2014, he worked in two shows, Hear No Evil as Rick and The Novice as Reggie Jones. After that, he made his image in the short movie Memorial Day as Jered and Being Dexter as Vince. After one year, he arose as Henry in the film Elbow Grease.  

In 2017, Provost emerged in the television series Six as Justin in the sequence Her Name Is Esther. He has appeared in The Case For Christ as Teen Lee Strobel as Michael James Provost. He got recognized for his role as Shannon in 2017 in the movie #Realityhigh.

In the same year, Provost made his impact in the television series Chance as Jason Spencer in the sequence The Fitcraft Parable and A Very Special Onion. Later, his role as Ben in the television series Shameless made him conceded in the media. The actor arises in one sequence, Do Right, Vote White!. 

Who Is Michael Provost's Girlfriend? 

Shelby Lee may be the girlfriend of the actor, Provost. He shared the picture of the director on November 3, 2019, and has pinned missed her already. So, Provost and Lee have some connection with each other.  

Michael Provost  shared Shelby Lee on Instagram
Michael Provost shared Shelby Lee on Instagram ( Source : Instagram )

Furthermore, Shelby and Lee have shared their memories on the social platform. On December 18, 2019, Provost shared a romantic picture with his love Lee. He has pinned, 'Yah. I'm pretty shit @ holiday pics. '

Provost connection Lee is an actress, cinematographer, and director. Also, the actress got acknowledged for her appearance in Urban Myths, Shivers, and A Mother Love. She has made her first debut in the movie Beast as Ria Spencer. 

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Michael Provost Age & Height; How Old Tall Is The Actor?

Provost is currently 24 years old. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Perhaps, he appears to be tall height, 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m. He started his career as a teenager. At age 13, he made his first debut in a short movie. 

As an actor, Provost has gained 21 credits. Provost has contributed eleven years in this field. He has made his impression through various television shows, movies, and short videos. Also, he took his step into the new platform in 2021.  

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