Meet Mia Alario VIP Hostess For Leva On Southern Hospitality

Mia Alario visited a vintage bar
Mia Alario visited a vintage bar( Source : instagram )

Mia Alario works at Republic in addition to being Leva's VIP hostess at Southern Hospitality. Even so, she disclosed that she was employed by the nightclub.

We get an honest look into the life of the devoted employees of Charleston's Republic Garden & Lounge on BravoTV's "Southern Hospitality."

The team is overseen by Leva Bonaparte, who runs the business with her husband. They must manage their relationships with one another, balance their work and personal obligations, and meet client needs while being caught on video.

While everyone admired Mia Alario's dedication to her work, admirers might be shocked to learn that she is not a native American. She even mentioned that she didn't work at the nightclub out of need but rather because she loved it.

Here is what we know about Mia in anticipation of viewers' curiosity to discover more about such an interesting personality.

1. Mia Alario From Southern Hospitality Is Not Just A Hostess

While several of her Southern Hospitality colleagues only work at Republic, Mia Alario also holds a daytime financial position. Since 2020, she has worked as a financial analyst. 

Mia was employed by Coastal Management Group as a financial reporter prior to accepting that employment.

Mia Alario is close to her younger sister
Mia Alario is close to her younger sister ( Source : instagram )

She currently lives in Charleston and spends her days working as a financial analyst. However, at night, she joins the city's well-known nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, and does a fantastic job as a hostess.

Mia stated that she became a hostess because it is enjoyable and thrilling but claimed that she did not need to perform two jobs at once in order to make ends meet.

2. As Of 2022, Mia Alario Is 24 Years Old

Mia Alario, who is from Trinidad and Tobago, is currently 24 years old. She was raised in a loving and close-knit household and as a result, she was able to form strong family ties at a young age. Similarly, She hasn't made public the date of her birth.

3. Her Parents Have Been Very Supportive Of Her Ambitions

Mia's parents have always encouraged her to pursue her objectives and have been very supportive of her aspirations. As a result, she still maintains a positive attitude toward her parents and maintains tight relationships with the majority of her loved ones.

In fact, Mia frequently highlights her parents on social media. Mia was determined to make her loved ones proud of her from an early age and had lofty expectations for her future.

Mia Alario feels blessed to have such wonderful friends and family
Mia Alario feels blessed to have such wonderful friends and family ( Source : instagram )

She made the decision to pursue a career in finance near the conclusion of high school after realizing she had a passion for the subject.

She left Trinidad and Tobago after graduating from high school and moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in both finance and economics in 2019.

Since that time, Mia has moved forward without looking back and has started a great career.

4. Mia Alario Started Her Professional Career In 2017

As a Credit & Loan Analyst Intern with Belize Bank International, Mia began her professional career there in 2017.

But in May 2018, she joined Tandem Investment Advisors, Inc. as an equity research intern after relocating to Charleston to pursue further education.

She eventually entered Biotech as a Financial Analyst in July 2020 after moving on to work as a Financial Reporter for the Coastal Management Group in March of the following year.

5. Mia Alario's Instagram Account Is @miaalario

Mia Alario, who goes by the username @miaalario, is very active on Instagram. It's quite encouraging to see Mia living life to the fullest and making the most of it.

Mia is highly active on instagram
Mia is highly active on instagram ( Source : instagram )

She even features her close friends and family on her Instagram profile. However, it's kind of obvious that she doesn't have a romantic partner in all of her most recent posts, and there aren't any reviews that discuss how she dates.

So, we do consider that Mia is now unmarried and focused on her profession.

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