Meet Tara Franklin: What Does Adrian Higham Wife Do?

Tara Franklin is a talented antique finder who seems to organize the Penshurst Vintage and Antiques Fair. She seems to also focus on collecting French antiques, textile, and Brocante. 

Moreover, Tara Franklin also seems to have made a few TV appearances as she was also involved in Salvage Hunters. She also organizes private auctions and involves herself in the research of her husband's show The Bidding Room. 

Adrian Higham's wife seems to be able to keep up with Adi, she seems to understand his work and is passionate about it as well. They seem to have a good understanding of their business which has enabled them to make a significant profit as well.  , 

The Bidding Room Presenter Adrian Higham Married Life Have Been A Smooth Ride 

Adrian Higham is married to his wife Tara Franklin both of them seem to have compassion and care for one another. They seem to maintain a healthy bond by sharing their passion for all.

In addition, the couple has been together for a long period of time. They seem to travel to different places and attend the auctions of goods to find items that are diamonds in the rough in order to present them within an attractive setting to earn profit. 

Similarly, Tara Franklin and her husband have been married for a long period of time. In retrospect, Adrian was married previously to his first wife in 2003. 

Tara Franklin Makes A Decent Living As An Antiques Expert

Tara Franklin's net worth has not been disclosed but, her husband's net worth is speculated by different journal websites to be around 1 million dollars.

Consequently, Adrian has been collecting antiques since he was 21, he felt a rush from selling a bike at a high price, which pulled into the world of antiques for him to search and sell the historically valued things. 

Does Tara Franklin Have Children With Adrian Higham?

The details about Adrian and Tara's children have not been exposed, but Adrian has posted about his son JB who seems to be in his mid-20s, also further details about his kids are not available. 

Tara seems to have cared for Adrian's sickness due to his weight, doctors had stated him to lose weight, thus he shall need all the support from his friends and family.

 Furthermore, Adrian's health seems to be better, it is likely that he shall bring further magic in his series The Bidding Room.