Nuria March Wikipedia Details

Nuria March seems to be in her late 50s, she is an eloquent and versatile individual. She started her modeling career in the 1980s. She seems to mostly engage in commercials and fashion shows on the stage. 

Nuria had garnered a phenomenal experience from her profession in modeling, she was able to decipher the mechanics of advertisement which enabled her to establish her own business. 

Likewise, she created the business in the advertisement which specialized in the lifestyle and luxury sector. Her business agency name is "Nuria March Communication". 

Who are Padres of Nuria March? 

Unfortunately, details about her padres, so her parents are unavailable but they seem to have supported Nuria through her profession. 

More about her company, shows her agency to be fully integrated for live communication, it is an experiential agency that was focused on concept creation and project delivery. 

Her agency focuses on providing technical support and creativity behind managing events and creating commercials for various business organizations. 

Mardio & Hijos of Pasapalabra Guest Today

Nuria March's "Mardio", the husband was the grandson of a famous business tycoon. The media speculated about their marriage which became the reason for her to be in a public eye. 

Likewise, after having a son(Hijos) from her ex-husband Francisco Franco, she divorced him. March does seem to maintain a good relationship with her son Carmen Franco. 

Presently, she is in love with an American businessman George Donald Johnston III. The couple is likely to get married in the near time. 

She seems to share a close relationship with her friend, family, and relatives. Moreover, the entrepreneur seems to enjoy vacations, modeling, and photography quite extensively. 

Hence, her Instagram account seems to consist of nearly 30k followers her account handle is @nuria_march.