Does Maria Menounos Have A Famous Laugh?

Maria Menounos' is quite famous for her extraordinary laugh and manages to grab a lot of attention. Her fans and audience absolutely cherish her laugh whenever she does celebrity interviews or appearances.

In the same manner, Maria's 16-year-long lover, Keven Undergaro, claims that before Maria departed for Hollywood, he told her that her laugh was unique to her. "'When you move to LA, lose the laugh,' people told her when I first met her. 'No, Maria, maintain the laugh when you move to LA,' I urged."

Maria Menounos Meditation Journey

Maria Menounos has shared her meditation journey beautifully. She explained how essential it is to separate one's mind from all the day-to-day schedules, busy careers and families. 

She finds meditation as a "little vacation" to replenish once a day to think about nothing. 

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Did Maria Menounos Appear On Kelly and Ryan?

On 4 March 2022, Maria Menounos appeared as a host on Kelly and Ryan. While actor and singer Norm Lewis perform during the show, Maria joins Ryan Seacrest, Sam Heughan, and Lance Ulanoff.

Likewise, Maria Menounos, who is currently 43 years old, is no stranger to the spotlight; she presented the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece in 2006 and has also worked as a news reporter for E! News.

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