Maggie Peterson's Net Worth At Death

Maggie Peterson made her acting debut in Season 3 of The Andy Griffith Show's The Darlings Are Coming when she played Charlene Darling. PFC Dudley A. 'Dud' Wash, Charlene's fiancé, arrives in Mayberry with his family. Sheriff Andy Taylor, the show's main character, gradually develops a crush on Charlene.

From 1963 through 1968, Charlene was a recurrent character who appeared in six episodes.

Peterson featured in over a dozen television shows between 1964 and 1987, including The Odd Couple, The Bill Dana Show, Love, Gomer Pyle: USMC, American Style, Green Acres, Mayberry R.F.D., and The Magical World of Disney. 

With a career spanning near to 60 years, she has collected a net worth of over a million dollars. Famous Birthdays calls her one of the richest Television actresses in America. 

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Maggie Peterson's Husband Gus Mancuso

Peterson married jazz musician Gus Mancuso on January 28, 1978. In 1968, while she was acting as an opening act for Andy Griffith and Mancuso was playing bass in a nightclub act, the pair met at a casino in Lake Tahoe. Following their marriage, the pair lived in Los Angeles for several years before settling in Las Vegas.

Gus Mancuso died at the age of 88. That's the same amount of keys on a piano, which was one of his numerous instruments. He is a legendary Las Vegas musician who supported such icons as Sarah. 

Lorraine Hunt-Bono (formerly Laurie Perry) was Mancuso's first wife, and the proprietor of Bootlegger Bistro, which is now in the Hunt-Bono family.

For almost 65 years, Mancuso worked as a professional musician in Las Vegas. He was a master of the bass, piano, baritone horn, trombone, and vibes. Even after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Mancuso remained a musician.


What Happened To The "Charlene Darling" Actress?

Peterson had shoulder surgery in early 2019, which left her arms largely paralyzed. She also had an undetected leg weakness that led to a series of falls, resulting in stitches on her face, fractured ribs, and shoulder re-injury.

Her left ankle was also badly damaged, necessitating surgery. She was taken to a rehabilitation facility in November of this year.