Is Les Do Makeup Pregnant? 

Yes, Les Do Makeup is pregnant. She announced the news of her pregnancy via Instagram, where she uploaded a video of her with her husband and a son. In the video, she can be seen holding Ultrasound printouts.

She also shows her baby bump in the video. All of her followers have congratulated her and her husband on a new member of the family. It looks like her fans are looking forward to seeing the young one soon on her video.

As of now, she has not shared any information about when she is due or how many months pregnant she is. The only information available right now is that she is pregnant.

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Les Husband's Net Worth

Les is happily married to her husband Vlex Galindo, whose net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The couple lives a very comfortable life with their family. Vlex is also a social media star.

He is on Instagram under the handle name vlexgalindo with more than 600,000 followers. He can be seen posting his pictures in different attire and sometimes he also posts pictures of himself with his wife and kid having good times.

On the profile, he has given a link to his online store Vlexin. From his online site, people can buy clothes for the kids and contains new trendy attire. It is likely that he makes a good amount from his online business too.

Les Do Makeup New House Location

Les's new house location is Franklin Mountain. She shared her new house tour on her latest YouTube video. People were amused to see such a beautiful house with all the amenities and of large size.

The house included a beautiful swimming pool and a perfect view. People congratulate the couple on their new house. Since she started to ake videos online, it is the third time she moved.

It looks like the couple decided to move just before their second baby is born, so they could welcome the new one in their new house.