Fact: Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Journey and Transformation

Lavell's new look after weight loss has surprised his friends and family. 

He lost 120 pounds weight and showed his transformation body. 

In July, the comedian startled Steve Harvey with his new look at the recent Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas when Steve performed a quadruple take on him and continued putting his arms around Lavell's torso.

He may have dropped weight, but he hadn't lost his wit, as he blasted his fellow comedians before the greatest school teacher nominee was announced.

Lavell struggled with his weight as a youngster, nearly drowned at the age of 10, and was abandoned by his bodybuilding father.

Lavell has posted a lot on his Instagram page, informing his supporters of what he did for his wife and 5-year-old kid, including a "new life, new look for them and myself."

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Lavell Crawford Before and After Photos of Comedian

Lavell Crawford has shed more than 100 pounds in the last five years and hasn't looked back.

The humorist flaunted his improved physique and weight reduction at the 2016 Neighborhood Awards, hosted by Steve Harvey.

Crawford had gastric sleeve surgery and has maintained his weight loss by being active and exercising, which includes Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

During the gastric sleeve operation, doctors divide the procedure into two sections. The first step is to reduce the size of the stomach.

After the patient has lost some weight, the second step is performed a year later. The procedure's second stage would include skipping portions of the intestines to limit calorie absorption.

Crawford claims he had to drop weight on his own before being considered for the operation.

What Are the Tips from Lavell Crawford Weight Loss?

There are four tips from Lavell Crawford to achieve weight loss.

The first is to be realistic. According to studies, people who gradually lose weight and are more likely to keep it off in the long run.

The second is to make fitness fun. Nobody likes to repeat the same fitness program every day. If you like to walk on the treadmill, consider strolling around your neighborhood on a lovely day.

The next point is to eat, eat and eat again. Crawford has stated Don't stop eating; simply change your diet to include more nutritious items.

The last tip from Lavell is to do it for yourself to lose weight. He further added There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few pounds if you do it for yourself and only yourself.

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