Laura Kariuki Uses Her Height To Giver Her Chracter An Edge 

Laura does not seem to be much tall, she is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, but the custom on her show Black Lightning seems to make her look tall and intimidating. 

Similarly, the actress does not seem to be living up to her potential, as the CW's show has not been able to keep up its quality, like its past seasons. 

However, the actress has been able to make a notable impact on the audiences through her work in other shows such as The Wonder Years where she is able to connect with people positively in the show. 

Laura Kariuki Parents Nationality, Where Is She Originally From?

Laura Kariuki is born and raised in the USA, she is a proud American citizen, who seems to be a diligent, sophisticated, and ambitious person. 

Subsequently, Laura Kariuki is from Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansan USA. She studied arts at the University of Oklahoma and graduated in 2020.

Likewise, She is one of the few students who was taken to a cultural exchange program to perform in the Theatre Education Alliance in Beijing thus the actress has significant theatre credits as well. 

Laura Kariuki Age & Wikipedia Details To Follow

Laura Kariuki is a 23-year-old, actress who started professional acting in 2020, she has already become a rising star throughout her acting career. 

Similarly, her significant credits in the theatre career include The Trojan Women, The Bluest Eye, The Submission, and Picnic. She has also remained a diligent learner throughout her educational endeavor. 

Thus, Laura's knowledge and training in the University have been a blessing for her to use her talent and skills, to further achieve lucrative career opportunities and professional prospects. 

What is Laura Kariuki Net Worth? How Much Does She Earn?

Lura's estimated Net Worth is about 100 thousand dollars, according to various research articles also she is likely to achieve notable wealth in her future endeavors. 

Moreover, her average yearly salary is estimated to be $43,760 also with new prospects like Netflix's movies and new TV shows her worth is likely to increase in the near time.