Larron Ables Is The 22 Year Old Technician On Tough As Nails 2023

Larron is a contestant in Tough As Nails Season Four
Larron is a contestant in Tough As Nails Season Four( Source : parade )

Larron Ables Tough As Nails is a diesel technician from Austin Texas. Larron has been at Meade Tractor since January 2023. 

Larron is competing in season four of Tough As Nails. It was released on January 4, 2023, and it will continue until February 8. There are 12 contestants and all of them are strong and skilled.

He will have to work together with a team as well as individually. If he can outperform everyone in the challenges, he will walk out with a grand prize of $200,000. 

He has been active on social media and often shares clips of the new episodes every week. He has impressed fans with his skills, and some wishes to learn more about his professional life. 

Meet Larron Ables From Tough As Nails

Larron Ables is a diesel technician appearing on season 4 of Tough As Nails. Larron Ables lives in Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol Area.

When talking to We Are Austin, he shared that the show's honor and legacy made him participate in the new season.

He also added that he had loved the show since the first season; it brings new challenges and is more exciting each season.

He also mentioned that based on his experience, season four will be one of the best seasons ever. 

The contestant was surprised by the incredibleness of the show, including his competitions, the challenges, the audio and visual team, and those responsible for editing. He loved how everyone was incredible at their job.

Larron with the other contestants of Tough As Nails
Larron with the other contestants of Tough As Nails ( Source : instagram )

Larron further explained that his work as a diesel technician helped him prepare for the competition. He is a 22 years old wise young man who is described as too mature by the host Phil Keoghan. 

As mentioned in Parade, he described Ables as someone aware that he still needs to build knowledge.

But at the same time, he is a strong competitor who had to take on many responsibilities early on. 

A Peek Into Larron Life Out Of The Show

Larron is 22 years old and completed his education at Central Texas College, as per his LinkedIn handle.

Moreover, he got his Diesel System Specialist and Basic Diesel Technician licenses from the same institution. 

But, he has been engaged in professional life since an early age. He has worked as Vineyard Technician and Laborer at Perissos Vineyard and Winery.

He was affiliated with the firm for five years and eight months. His job role included the repair of irrigation systems, machinery and maintenance of the warehouse. 

He also joined Camp of the Hills as an Assistant to the Executive Director post in May 2015.

He used to be a part-time worker and would do tasks like maintaining the facilities and supervising multiple outdoor youth projects, although he was a part-time worker. 

Larron wishes father's day to his dad on Instagram on June 19, 2022
Larron wishes father's day to his dad on Instagram on June 19, 2022 ( Source : instagram )

In February 2016, he was hired by Scott-Clark Medical as Assembly Technician, where he worked for approximately a year and finally released himself in March 2017.

Mid of the same year, he joined Tractor Supply Company as a sales associate and team member.

After serving the organization for over a year, he got an opportunity as Diesel Technician at RDO Equipment Co.

Thus, in 2023, he started his new year by stepping in at the new workplace, Meade Tractor. He is a full-time diesel technician there. 

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