Was lalogonebrazzy480 Shot? Lola Gone Brazy Tiktok Death News & Real Name Revealed

Lalogonebrazy a popular Tiktok star.
Lalogonebrazy a popular Tiktok star.( Source : instagram )

Lalogonebrazzy480 is a popular TikTok star and content creator who has recently been rumored to be shot to death.

Social media platforms have recently been used to spread fake news and rumors. The death of Lalo Gone Crazy has sparked conjecture a day after Lil Tjay, a rapper, was said to have been declared brain dead by some and permanently disabled by others.

Even though the rumors were completely baseless and untrue, many of the fans were going along with the rumors and did not know what was the truth. 

Was lalogonebrazzy480 Shot? His Death News Explored

A message claiming TikTok star Lalo Gone Bazzy had passed away was sent on June 27 by a person going by the handle "keemstarnews" on Twitter.

It should be noted that this Twitter account is not associated with the well-known YouTuber Keemstar, who also hosts the drama news show Drama Alert & is recognized for reporting on breaking stories involving social media stars.

Lalo in one of his Instagram posts.
Lalo in one of his Instagram posts.( Source : instagram )

The tweet explained that the Tiktok star had been shot twice during one of his Tiktok lives and he was rushed to the hospital with his two bullet wounds.

However, there makes no mention of how they learned of this information. The user states in the comment area that this data is accurate and has been verified by other users. However, scrolling reveals no such detail.

Unknown sources may have been used by the user to tweet the news to the rest of the globe. Lalo Gone Brazzy's alleged death appears to be simply a rumor at this time, and no concrete proof has been offered.

Nobody related to the Tiktok star has come forward and spoken about the incident. Unless there are more details and depth on this issue, this may be just considered another one of the internet's hoaxes. 

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Who Is Lola Gone Brazy On Tiktok?

The Mexican-born artist lalogonebrazzy480 is renowned for creating his own phrases and noises to be used in Spanish songs. Most of his songs begin with the recognizable trumpet sound of his fame.

The Tiktoker, who started publishing movies on the platform as early as 2020, later rose to fame for his movies in which he flashes some cash while lip-syncing to the song "Sleazy Flow" by SleazyWorld Go.

Lalo Gone Brazzy has thousands of fans on social media, but he hasn't been present on any of them in a while. He last made any kind of content public in 2021. His daily activities are the focus of the majority of his films. Lalo Gone Brazzy also paid close attention to conveying a good message.

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What Is Lola Gone Brazy Real Name?

Nalgon is the real name of the Tiktoker but is most recognized by his stage name, Lola Gone Brazy. One of Tiktok's fastest-rising accounts, the account was made in April 2022. It already has 20 million likes and 575K followers.

He appreciates music, and he frequently shows off his rapping skills on social media. Additionally, he is clearly well paid for his career in rap. 

Although he has put out a number of songs throughout the course of his career, Slide from his rap album became his biggest success. Lalo's accounts have been suspended several times in the past, yet he consistently returns for his followers.

Lola is currently not very active on his social media accounts so it is harder to tell if the social media star actually got struck with a dark fate.

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