Kyle Neptune Salary As Villanova Basketball Coach & Net Worth 2022

Kyle Neptune has just been appointed the coach of the Villanova men's basketball. In retrospect, his predecessor had received a remuneration of above 2.5 million dollars. However, he was hired with an annual contract of 4.4 million dollars as reported by NYpost.

Additionally, his net worth is speculated to be around 7 million dollars. Kyle's current appointment as a head coach is likely to bring a further increment in his wealth. 

Jay Wright was able to transform a normal basketball college program into the greatest college basketball program from 2001 to the present. Likewise, he had won four championships and a national championship from 2016-to 2018. 

Therefore, Kyle has big shoes to fill in terms of the legacy of Jay and the college basketball program. 

Kyle Neptune Wife and Children Details 

Neptune has not been married, he does not seem to have kids. He might have a prior relationship and also have someone special in his life. However, Neptune is likely to settle down with their wife and kids in the near time. 

Kyle's father is Alex Neptune and his mother is Brenda Neptune. His father is Trinidadian but Neptune is an American national with a mixed background from his mom and dad. 

Neptune seems to love and cherish his family but, the coach seems to majorly focus his energy on his professional career as his work ethic and energy has brought significant results in his profession. 

Kyle Neptune Instagram Revealed 

Indeed, Kyle Neptune has an Instagram account, but the coach seems to have a few thousands of followers. Nevertheless, the numbers are likely to soar as he has joined hands with Villanova.

Neptune often posts about his coaching, profession, and pictures with his friends. His Instagram handle is @kyleneptune.