NRL: Who Are The Parents Of Kyle Laybutt? Family Origin And Background Of PNG Rugby Star

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Kyle Laybutt's parents' origin tracks back to PNG for several decades. Here is what we know about them.

Kyle Laybutt is a Papua New Guinea rugby player who plays as a halfback.

Currently playing for the Townsville Blackhawks of Australia, Laybutt previously used to play for North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL.

He is the most capped player of the Blackhawks and is a well-known name among the fanbase.

Thousands of people follow him regularly and it is not only his professional life that they are interested in.

With the increased limelight, several individuals have taken an interest in the personal life of the player as they wonder about his family origins and parents' details.

Thus, here is everything available to know about Kyle Laybutt and his family life.

Who Are Kyle Laybutt Parents?

Kyle Laybutt was born to and raised by loving parents. His father's name is Mick Laybutt while his mother's name is not disclosed.

Laybutt playing for the PNG national team
Laybutt playing for the PNG national team

His dad, Mick, is a coach in Bundaberg as reported by The Courier Mail.

Mick has been coaching for more than two decades and also has had his experiences with the Wests.

On the other hand, nothing much about Kyle's mother is revealed on the internet.

She might be busy taking care of the family as she continues becoming the glue for sticking the family together.

Both of them are unexplored on Instagram and other social media platforms as of this date.

Kyle himself has his Instagram account on private mode so it is pretty difficult to trace his parents.

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Meet Kyle Laybutt On Instagram

You can find Kyle Laybutt on Instagram under the handle @laybuttkyle.

Although the player's account is not yet verified, thousands of people follow him regularly on social media.

But he has maintained the account on private mode so we cannot casually check out his profile and other photos.

Since he has kept privacy on his social media, it is hard to get an idea about what he likes to do and how he spends his free time.

What Is Kyle Laybutt Ethnic Background?

Although Kyle Laybutt is a resident of Australia, his family origin tracks back to Papua New Guinea for several generations.

As per the sources, the traces originate back to his grandparents' time and possibly before that as well.

Laybutt during his Blackhawks photoshoot
Laybutt during his Blackhawks photoshoot

The Laybutt family was living in PNG when his grandparents had a business in Port Moresby. His grandmother is originally from Madang.

Although the details are pretty vague, the family later moved to Australia and is settled there.

Is Kyle Laybutt Married? Love Life Explored

Kyle Laybutt is not thought to be married and no girlfriend of the player is officially reported on the internet.

He is a person who likes to keep his personal life matter secretive from the public and doesn't really open up about them to the media.

There is no mention of his wife on the web. So it seems like the rugby player hasn't tied the knot yet.

Likewise, no sources open up about his girlfriend or any love partner as well.

From these details, it appears like Laybutt is single and is not going out with anyone at the time unless he has kept the subject matter only to himself.

The fact that his social media is on private mode doesn't help to make things easier to know.

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